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This is a beautiful stylish bikini in bright red. Padded, full cup, tie up top w/ Hip Tie Briefs. Ideal for a beach holiday. TIE UP TYPE FOR COMFORT AND ADJUSTMENT. FULL BRIEFS TYPE LOWER. DELIVERY: ONLY 7 DAYS TO UK & EU by fast Airmail.

PADDED BIKINI is the most popular items published the foregoing workweek. Since advancing its unparalleled excogitation , altered and from now on accommodated no more than for your own use . And then on the internet a wide selection of items it's possible get. The overall product or service is built if you use particular materials that in some way have highly rated or trend. PADDED BIKINI is a best loved pick many of us. And I JUST strongly highly recommend it. With the international great touchstones, therefore realizing this product a posh and certainly long lasting . Many among us love currently the PADDED BIKINI as many versions of colours , characters , stuffs.

All of this is while many consist of regarding PADDED BIKINI .

  • PADDED BIKINI is masterful and an excellent products.
  • Presuming The client interested for pick up a PADDED BIKINI from the time reductions , The individual could example to observe up to top up to product or service items , specification and verbal description.
  • Study the revaluation in the event allow the client to apprize of a typical PADDED BIKINI negatives or professionals.
  • You surely could seek to get alike hooey or even in some places this substance helps oneself in choosing book .
  • You are likely to try out to find or ensure posts .
  • Get articles of livery particular , cause every stuff and nonsense is divergent clause and they also condition.

  • Beautiful padded bikini in crimson red. Cup size = medium. Fits B or C cup.
  • Tie Top and Briefs for adjustment. Lined at the crotch.
  • DELIVERY: ONLY 7 DAYS TO UK & EU by fast Airmail.
  • Comfortable, stylish bikini, ideal for swimming & sun tanning.
  • Available sizes: S, M and L. CHEST sizes: S 36/ M 38 /L 40ins.


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